Om Nagchampa, Smooth Nag Champa, Assorted Scents, Incense Stick Boxes; FB1149

Fragrance: Nag Champa 10 gram box
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Each stick is about a gram, and burns for 45 minutes.  Each box is 15 grams - approximately 15 incense sticks, the original blend in the blue box is 10 grams per box.

  • Om Nag Champa
  • Om Lavender 
  • Om Sandalwood
  • Om Frankencense
  • Om Rose
  • Om Dragons Blood
  • Om Patchouli

Order the set of 6 assorted boxes packaged with a wood incense burner for only $16.00

Some of these packaged boxes of incense are also available individually from the dropdown list. 

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