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The power of the pyramid!  Pyramids are a fabulous shape to use at the center of your crystal grid, personal altar, sacred space or to display on its own.  

Pyramids are credited with creating a protective energy field, boosting your individual vibrations, helping to direct your intentions or thoughts to result in a manifestation of those needs, and focusing the inherent metaphysical properties of the crystal they are constructed from and / or any surrounding crystals upwards through its apex.

These pyramids are carved from natural citrine and are not the commonly found heat treated amethyst you usually come across, but natural polished citrine points.

Citrine is used in many different types of crystal grids and is known as the Stone of Success, but it has many other wonderful attributes also in addition to helping one achieve success.

Citrine was a prized stone among the Celtic and Scottish people. This is a must have crystal for anyone who is a crystal healer or who creates grids for meditation. It is a great choice to keep in a personal amulet pouch or crystal chakra or medicine bag! It increases motivation and relieves feelings of inertia. Raises self-esteem and brings about a cheerful demeanor and heightened perception.

Citrine enhances creativity, promotes harmony, encourages kindness and brings wisdom. Develops inner calm and security. It has a positive influence on education, business, family, and interpersonal relations. Helps achieve one's destiny. It is a stone of success, Citrine attracts abundance and promotes wealth and is known for optimizing the body's healing energy.

Using Citrine in combination with Orange Calcite or Fire Agate is excellent for manifesting prosperity. - energizing, invigorating, cleansing, calming -

All of our crystals are re-tuned with vibrational sound before being bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.  Your pyramid will ship to you with a crystal description card.

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