Manifesting / Wishing Art Glass Pyramids FB1114

Emblem: Butterfly / Green - small
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These are iridescent glass pyramids available in two sizes (1 3/4" tall or 2 1/2" tall) featuring one side that operates as a door that opens to reveal a mirrored base. There are detailed and various images on the "door" as listed below.

Since Ancient times, on various continents, pyramid-shaped objects have been used to elevate consciousness through meditation, increase well-being, preserve life forces, and harmonize the energies of places and people. Pyramids are believed by many to generate negative ions, which have a balancing effect on the electromagnetic field of the body.

Power of the Pyramid

• Empower your thoughts
• Achieve your goals
• Cleanse negative energies
• Balance your Chakras
• Energize your stones
• Vitalize your oils
• Harmonize your relationships

You can put a written intention in the center of the pyramid, and center a tumbled stone on top of the intention and use the pyramid as the center of a crystal grid or simply recite your intention at dawn and dusk if you like.

Smaller size, $16 each
  • Green Butterfly
  • White Fairy
  • White Angel Wings

Larger size, $23 each

  • Red Dragon
  • White Butterfly
  • White Goddess (2)

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