Wood Cut Out Patterns Crystal Grid Bases; FB1502

Style: Celtic Star 6" Wood Base
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I am so pleased to offer a nice variety of wood bases to use with your crystal grids and to provide a lovely base for your special pieces.

The Hamsa with Om symbol base is wonderful for protection grids and measures 9" to 10" high by about 8" wide and the center point.  Each of these bases were hand crafted and make wonderful additions to your collections.

Here is the background of the Reiki World Peace wood base:

"The World Peace Crystal Grid program is a way for Reiki practitioners to promote peace on earth. Peace grids have been placed at the North and South Poles of the earth as well as in old Jerusalem. Their design allow Reiki to be sent to them and stored like a battery which is then made available to promote peace on earth.

Their placement at the magnetic poles of the earth takes advantage of this tremendous energy source that also functions like the crown and root chakras of the planet. The Reiki energy emanating from the Peace grids is carried by the magnetic field around the planet to heal and balance the earth‰۪s aura. The reservoir of healing energy it holds is available to empower all those working toward world healing and peace."

I have included a photograph of a crystal grid of sodalite, blue calcite and ammonite to illustrate how to use this mandala as a base for your crystals.  Any pictured crystals are available separately.

These are handmade so the lightness or darkness of the patterns vary as well as the  sizes with up to a 1/2" variance.

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