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🕊️ Angelite, celebrated as the "stone of awareness," radiates an aura of serenity, goodness, and benevolence, establishing a profound connection with the Angelic Realm. This celestial crystal serves as a conduit for receiving love, guidance, and support from higher planes, fostering a sense of divine presence in one's life.

🌌 Known for quieting the mind, Angelite aids in achieving tranquil meditation, deepening perception, and facilitating lucid dreams and inner visions. It harmonizes the physical body with the ethereal, creating a protective aura that sanctifies the environment it graces.

✨ As a vessel of communication, Angelite enhances telepathic connections, supports spiritual journeys, and simplifies astral travel, making the experience of flight feel natural. This gemstone is instrumental in fostering communication with Angels and Spirit Guides, promoting serenity, dispelling anger, and inviting angelic contact and inner peace.

🌙 Each large, heart-shaped Angelite stone, imbued with gentle energy, has been anointed with Rose Quartz magical oil, re-tuned with vibrational sound, and cleansed in moonlight beneath a copper pyramid, measuring approximately 2 1/2" across and possessing a notable heft.

💖 Along with each heart, you will receive a crystal description card and a velvet drawstring pouch, ensuring your Angelite is ready to integrate into your spiritual practice or sacred space. These stones, through their unique properties, invite a deeper connection to the spiritual realm, enriching your journey with peace, clarity, and divine guidance.

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