Laminated Intention Cards for Crystal Grids; FB1810

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I created these cards to use with the thick acrylic 5" crystal grid boards / bases are available separately in the online shop.  They are available in in a set of threel different patterns and are such a great complement to your crystal collections and sacred space. 

These can be used alone by placing a favorite tumbled stone, cluster or carved crystal in the center and placing an affirmation below the card.  You can also place a crystal grid on the card (an arrangement of tumbled stones and rough pieces placed to achieve a certain intention), or you can place these below a clear base with patterns that you can also use as a base for your crystals.

These have an affirmation / intention printed in the center and are offered in a set of 3 including:
  • I am serenity
  • I am protected
  • I attract prosperity

***Please note all tumbled stones, clear bases and crystals pictured are for illustration purposes only and are available separately.  These are handmade so there may be slight variations in color.

***The clear acrylic crystal grid bases are available separately here.

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