Labradorite Pocket Hearts - Stone of Magic, for emotional healing and psychic abilities

Size: Large Pocket Size up to 1 1/4"
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🌟 Hey Crystal Dragonfly friends! 🌟

💎 I'm absolutely obsessed with carved hearts, and I know you so many of you are too! These pretty hearts are not only perfect for soothing those tired nerves, but they also make a stunning addition to any crystal grid. Plus, they're just the right size to keep on your night table or small stand in your bedroom. 💖

✨These first-quality Labradorite hearts with their mesmerizing sheen have beautiful beautiful flash and polish.  ✨

Labradorite is known as a "Stone of Magic" and can work wonders for developing your clair-senses and emotional healing. It's like having your very own aura protector and spirit guide rolled into one! 🌈✨

💤 Sleeping with a labradorite stone can bring you prophetic dreams and guidance from ascended beings. They'll give you all the wisdom you need to live your best life! Just make sure to listen carefully to their messages. 💭

Labradorite also helps with transitions, eases anxiety and depression, and boosts your self-confidence. It's like a little boost of positivity and strength whenever you need it most. 💪✨

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These hearts are available in pocket size about 1" for $6.75 each - 1 available, and a larger pocket size about a bit under 1 1/4" across for $7.75 each - 17 available


These have been hand carved and hand polished in Madagascar. I will be happy to choose your Labradorite heart for you and send along a drawstring pouch and a crystal description card.

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