Labradorite Carved Buddha Cabochons; FB1748

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These are beautifully detailed and mesmerizing carved labradorite cabochons! 

Small enough to carry with you in a medicine bag or amulet pouch, they can also be placed in the center of a crystal grid.  I like to carry small cabochons in a small velvet pouch with some black obsidian, clear quartz and sometimes angelite.

If you would like to wear your piece you can contact me for the names of two wonderful ladies who wire wrap and set these types of pieces into silver.

It was virtually impossible to turn the pictured cabochons so they all showed their vibrant flashes of color - but each and every one of the pieces I have display lovely flashes of color as the light reflects off of them to show their inner fire.

You will also receive a crystal description card and a sheer drawstring pouch.

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