Labradorite - Carved Smiling Buddha, from Madagascar; FB1220

Smiling Buddha: Left
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These are beautifully crafted smiling Buddhas carved from Labradorite from Madagascar.

Each one measures about 1 1/2" tall by 1 3/8" wide and although they are small, they are a beautiful, calming, soothing pieces and such a lovely addition to any collection.

 These are part of a collection of crystals that came to me from a very special and gifted couple in New Mexico that have been working with crystals for many, many years, and who both are very attuned to crystals. They travel the world looking for special pieces and any pieces I receive from them are incredibly special and I consider them to be among my most prized crystals.

Just an FYI, Cindy over at CCJ Designs would be able to create one of her amazing pendants with these as they are carved from AA quality Labradorite.

They have been daubed with Rose Quartz anointing oil and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid and retuned with vibrational sound.

These pieces will come gift boxed with a crystal description card.

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