Jade Carved Buddha with Flat Back FB1219

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Lovely 1" by 1" petite carved Jade Buddhas. These have a small hole drilled at the top in case you would like to wear or hang this carving which is right above the head.

Finely carved face and a glossy finish makes these carvings very appealing. A great size to carry with you as an amulet stone.

Jade is known as the Stone of Spiritual Wealth, and it is best known for it’s ability to attract financial stability and all kinds of prosperity. It is said to open up the Heart Chakra to love and can help one to be more nurturing. Jade helps to bring healing, prosperity and serenity into your life.

A protective stone, its vibrations work to keep harm at bay and to attract harmony, good luck, and friendship. It stabilizes the personality and integrates mind and body by promoting self-sufficiency.

Green Jade is said to lend to harmonious relationships. It promotes insightful dreams and is said to release irritability. Jade has nourishing and harmonious vibrations.

🍃🍐🍃 🍃🍐🍃 🍃🍐🍃 🍃🍐🍃 🍃🍐🍃

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