Inspirational Stone Tiles for Crystal Grids or Display - "I am" "be" "love" FB2404

Style: "be" tile
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These are created by hand.  The letters are applied, and then the entire top of the tile sprayed with sealer several times to protect the image. These tiles have raised letters, a little sprinkling of glitter, and then several layers of sealer.  The bottoms have little felt circles to protect your tabletop.

 I  think these tiles have a warm look to them and that they are inspiring. 

Each piece is unique and has individual variations in color and texture due to the nature of the tiles and because I use different techniques to "distress" them so they do not look brand new :)

****  The tiles have a sprinkling of glitter underneath the several coats of sealer that are barely visible to the naked eye, but the camera flash did pick them up as "green squares" in the photographs.  ****

These tiles are available with the words "be", "I am", "faith" and "love". The tiles range from off white to dark tan and the color of the tile will be random depending on what I have in stock at the time you place your order.

They measure just under 4" x 4".

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