Inner Goddess Crystal Grid - Resolve, Learn, Listen, Breathe; FB1947

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I wrote a blog post for year end 2015 about the crystals in this collection. That blog talks to my inspiration for putting together this collection and I am very pleased with the way it evolved.

If this collection speaks to you then I hope it helps you on your path and gives you support, motivation or encouragement to accomplish your goals or to manifest your dreams.

This Collection was created with intention and focus to help with:

Listen -  Remembering to truly listen to others and your inner/higher self

Resolve -  Helping to keep committed to a direction or course of action

Breathe - Taking the time to recharge, regroup, relax and reflect

Learn - Be open to other perspectives, take what you have learned and incorporate what resonates with you into your own thinking or actions.

    •  The collection includes the following: 
    • 1 Apache Tear Tumbled Stone (black)
    • 1 Selenite Tumbled Stone (white)
    • 1 Rhodochrosite Tumbled Stone (pink)
    • 2 Bloodstone Tumbled Stones (dark green)
    • 1 Drawstring Pouch
    • 1 Inner Goddess Layout on laminated card stock specific to this collection
    • 1 Info sheet


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