Holographic 3-D Clear Sphere with Lighted Wood Stand FB3241

Style: Flower of Life
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These smelted clear quartz glass spheres are exquisitely crafted with 3-D holographic images of a Cobra, the Flower of Life, or Metatron’s Cube 🌟🐍

Embrace the symbolic power of your chosen design: the Cobra, representing transformation and life force; the Flower of Life, embodying the fundamental structures of space and time; or Metatron’s Cube, symbolizing the balance of energy and the connectivity of the universe 🌸🔲

These highly detailed designs are visible from every angle, embodying the essence of transformation, creation, and protection.

The included lighted wood stand not only enhances the mesmerizing details of each image but also serves as a versatile display for other stone spheres, especially those carved from clear stones such as rutilated quartz, smoky quartz, fluorite, and citrine 💡💎

With a diameter of 3 inches, the stand is a perfect fit for showcasing the magical intricacies of these spheres. 🌌🙏

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