Handcrafted Wood Wide Incense Stick Holder (gemstone chips, incense sample), Display Piece; FB2590

Size: Red Heart
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These beautiful wide incense holders are carved from assorted woods, and are finished only with a coat of clear sealer to protect the wood and allow the natural color and beauty of the grain to take center stage. 

No stains or paint is used in the creation of these pieces.  They are wide enough to catch the ashes from your incense sticks and have a "lip" so you can carry the holder to empty it without worry that the ashes will fall off onto your floors.

These are truly beautiful and natural works of art and I think they also make a unique and lovely piece to use to display small trinkets or crystals.😊

I will include a sample of stick incense and a small bag of gemstone chips in case you'd like to use your piece as a display piece instead of an incense holder.

Enjoy and many ~Crystal Blessings~

I have one each of the following types: Bocote, Red Heart, Yucatan Rosewood, E. Indian Rosewood - these are $22 each

I also have one with the 7 major chakra symbols engraved along the side for $25

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