Guatemalan Worry Dolls with Cloth Pouch FB3415

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Embrace the mystical tradition of Guatemalan worry dolls 🌙✨, a treasured artifact designed to soothe the restless minds of the young.

Your purchase also goes to help provide an income and community programs for impoverished women in a village outside Guatemala City.

🏡 As the legend goes, these tiny guardians 🛌👼, crafted with care from wood and cloth, listen to the whispered worries of children at night, nestling under their pillows to work their serene magic 🌿. By dawn, they carry away these burdens, leaving behind a tranquil spirit and a peaceful heart 💖

🌟 This collection features 10 delicately made dolls, each measuring approximately 1H x .25W inches, housed in a beautifully hand-woven cotton bag measuring 8H x 6.5W inches. As these are small dolls they may not be suitable for young children.

You will receive an information card explaining the heritage of these lovely worry dolls and the beautiful cause the purchase of these helps to support. Thank you so very much for your purchase 🤗

🌍An embodiment of Guatemala's rich cultural heritage, these dolls are a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship 🎨 and the ethos of global fair trade 🕊️.

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