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Some days we just have trouble focusing and getting things done!  Procrastination takes hold and the endless list of chores, tasks, work and family obligations just gets longer.  It could be any number of reasons that are distracting us or keeping us from taking care of business and being able to knock things off our to do lists.  Here’s a grid to help 

  • Apatite for inspiration, keeping focused, will-power and motivation.
  • Carnelian for motivation, help with clarifying your goals and stimulating ambition and drive.
  • Sodalite encourages positive changes.
  • Hematite for staying “on task” and focus.
  • Clear Quartz to release negativity & amplifying your own and crystal energies.
  • Red/Brecciated Jasper to increase creative energy and channel that energy into positive action. 

All these crystals have been smudged with sage and bathed for a full 25 hours in moonlight in a Copper Pyramid charger before being carefully packed away.  

You will receive one each of the crystals mentioned above and a drawstring pouch to hold your set and an information sheet describing the crystals, the intent of the grid and suggested use.

You can choose to also add the Tree of Life Sacred Geometry layout to your set here

Enjoy and I hope you are successful in getting those to do lists done!

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