Gemstone "Donuts" or Pi Stones for Jewelry, Crystal Grids or Sphere Stand FB1788

Material: I - blue goldstone (rough spot)
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Assorted gemstone donuts or pi stones are great to use to support your favorite spheres and to keep them from rolling!  I have them available in assorted gemstones and they are a wonderful and useful addition to any crystal or stone collection.

These are truly a fabulous alternative to plastic, glass or wood sphere stands :)

These are hand carved from natural stone so please expect variation in color, shape, finish and size from one piece to another. 🍇

A - Sodalite, 5 available, $2.50 each
B - Picasso or Spiderweb Jasper, 4 available, $2.50 each
C - Caribbean Calcite, 4 available, $3.00 each
D - Amethyst, 1 available, $3
E - Hematite, 1 available, $3
F - Red Tiger Iron, 3 available, $2.50 each
G - Rose Quartz, 4 available, $2.50 each
H - White Howlite, 2 available, $2.50 each
I - Asst, mini chip or rough, 3 Shungite, 1 red goldstone, 1blue goldstone, 1 rhodonite, $2 each
J - Premium clear quartz, 6 available, $2.50 each
K - Premium carnelian, 10 available, $4 each
L - Pinolith, 6 available, $6 each

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