Frog Spirit Totem Animal Carving, Small, Assorted Stones FB3015

Size: White Howlite
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Totem or Spirit Stones are totem animals and / or other symbols which are carved into, or from gemstones with metaphysical properties. This unites the inherent power of the symbol with the healing property of the crystal or stone.

It is believed that by combining the symbol of the totem animal or symbol that these spirit stones will guide, protect and teach us.

The frog spirit animal can signify that you are in a transition period or that you should look for opportunities to make a necessary change. This spirit animal can help you to get through the tough times during these periods in your life. The frog is also a symbol of prosperity and a reminder to look below the surface and not to "judge a book by its cover".

The frog totem animal is considered to be a good totem for pre-teens and teenagers as it represents change, transition and growing pains. It is also associated with healing, opportunities, luck and rebirth.

There are many great uses for these stones, hold while meditating, use as healing stones, to be carried in ones pocket or purse, and carved animal totem stones also make for thoughtful and unique gifts.

Your totem animal will come with a drawstring pouch with totem spirit card, and a crystal description card making each one a perfect gift for yourself or a friend.

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