Flying Prayer and Flying Wish Paper plus Tumbled Stone in Drawstring Pouch

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Don't forget to watch the video on my Facebook page which where I show you how I use the wish paper 🔮  Affirmation / Prayer / Wish Paper Video

FLYING WISH PAPER are Wishing activity kits to celebrate, empower and inspire.

Write your wish on the special paper, light it on fire and watch as it flies to the heavens. Sounds magical, and it is! All wishing kits are recommended as INDOOR PRODUCTS. WRITE IT, LIGHT IT, WATCH IT FLY!

Such a special way to manifest a dream and send your desires into the universe. 

The large packs come with 50 sheets of paper, 25 wish platforms, pencils, and instructions. The Chakra pack also comes with a chakra guide.

In the standard size packs, included are 15 pieces of paper, 5 wish platforms, a pencil and instructions.

I will also include an intuitively chosen tumbled stone with a crystal description card and a sheer organza drawstring pouch with each pack purchased.

  • CHAKRA DESIGN * Bring balance to mind, body and spirit. The Chakra kit includes an outline of the seven major Chakras that channel spiritual power to enhance your vibrancy and health.

  • REFLECTIONS PRAYER Design with trees * A gentle and calming treescape silhouette.


  • Purple Om * There's power in a wish. This Om design is a SPIRITUAL TOOL FOR MEDITATION and affirmation. Rich purples and blues and rich metallic gold, with purple Flying Wish Paper to represent spirituality, wisdom, creativity, intuition, power and ambition.

  • Golden Om * There's power in a wish. This Golden Om design is a SPIRITUAL TOOL FOR MEDITATION and affirmation. Tranquil teals and rich metallic gold, with red Flying Wish Paper to represent energy, intensity, and life 'in the now.'

  • LET IT GO DESIGN * Take a deep breath, make a big wish, and LET IT GO! Rise above the weeds with this feel-good dandelion design.

  • MINDFUL DESIGN * Relax. Calm your mind. Smile inside and BE HAPPY. (words to live by!)

  • DANDELION PRAYER DESIGN * Give fire to your voice and WINGS TO YOUR PRAYERS. This design really captures the purest of wishing activities - how many times have you blown on a fresh-picked dandelion and watched your wishes fly into the sky?

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