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🌟 Wooden Altar Piece with Agate Slab: A Sacred Space Delight 🕯️✨

Enhance your sacred space or personal altar with this beautifully crafted wooden piece. It features a cutout for a tealight and another for a stone or crystal slab. Let’s explore the metaphysical magic of this unique creation! 🌿🔮

  1. Agate Slab: The focal point of this piece, the Agate slab, brings strength, emotional stability, and a sense of peace. Agate is commonly associated with the root chakra, grounding and stabilizing your energy. As you gaze through the slab, the candlelight dances, creating a soothing ambiance. 🌄🕯️

  2. Variety and Mystery: Each Agate slab varies in color, pattern, weight, shape, and thickness. When you receive your order, a carefully selected slab will find its place in your wooden stand. Embrace the mystery and uniqueness of each piece—it’s like holding a slice of Earth’s ancient wisdom. 🌎🔍

  3. Dimensions: The slabs measure about 4" by 3", with some being slightly longer or shorter. The wooden stand, approximately 4 1/4" x 3" x 3/4", cradles the Agate slab, creating a harmonious blend of natural elements. 🌿🌟

🔗 #crystalmagic #crystaldragonfly

Set your intention, light the tealight, and let the Agate’s energy infuse your sacred space. Enjoy the tranquil glow and the connection to Earth’s timeless wisdom. 🌿✨

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