Dragonfly Gem Pouch Boxed Set - Rose Quartz for Relationships, Heart, Nurturing energy; FB1231

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A lovely boxed set for sharing your love of crystal energy by giving crystals with matching metaphysical properties with the reason for the gifting.  This is also a wonderful way to introduce your friends and family to crystals, and a unique gift as well.

A while ago a friend of mine asked for a tumbled stone with special packaging to give as a gift and this is the inspiration for this boxed set.

The card says:

Carry this Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone for:

attracting & maintaining loving relationships
when you are healing from a broken heart
elevating feelings of self-esteem & self-worth

 Rose Quartz has a loving, nurturing and
gentle vibration. Its energies are calming,
soothing, peaceful and reassuring.

This gem collection includes:

Tumbled Rose Quartz
Velvet Drawstring Pouch
Box info / gift card that you can sign
Crystal description card to keep with the tumbled stone in the pouch
Pamphlet on Connecting with your Crystals
Small dragonfly
Gift Box

Enjoy and Many ~Crystal Blessings~

*The Unakite and other Dragonfly Gem Pouches are available individually

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