Desert Jasper Heart (Polychrome Hearts) from Madagascar FB1845

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These are Desert Jasper (also known as polychrome jasper) hearts with a nice shiny smooth polish to them. Add to an amulet or medicine pouch and carry with you, use in the center of a crystal grid or place under your pillowcase at night.

This is a fairly new find (sometime around mid 2000’s). It is a wonderful grounding stone which is also good for stability and when you feel you need some balance in your life. Use this stone when you feel things are reeling a bit and you need to get your feet back on the ground and need focus to get things done.

It is a very nurturing stone that can bring you some tranquility. It also is good to use when you need some support during stressful times.

The different collections are sorted by approximate size and each heart is sold individually.

These hearts have been re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight in a copper pyramid. Your heart will arrive with a drawstring pouch and a crystal description card.

  • Collection G, 5 available, $7 each
  • Collection F, 14 available, $4 each
  • Small size, 3 available, $3 each

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