Tuning Forks, Earth, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Om and Angel Trio: FB1303

Tuning Fork: Moon
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I love using vibrational sound to clear all the rooms in my house, to relax, to begin meditation and to return my crystals to their peak resonance.  These tuning forks are a nice complement to my crystal and brass singing bowls and I use them several times a week :)

With each of the tuning forks you will receive a velvet pouch, an informational pamphlet and a natural quartz wand, in addition to your tuning fork.  The Angel Trio includes a velvet pouch, an informational pamphlet and a natural quartz wand, in addition to three tuning forks (one of these three is the Earth tuning fork).  Please make your selection in the drop-down box below. 

A Little About the Tuners

The Sun, Moon, and Jupiter tuning forks are tuned to different frequencies corresponding to the pulsation of the planets they are named after.  The tuning fork called the "Crystal Tuner" is tuned to the pulsation of Earth (also the core frequency of quartz).  All 4 of these tuners amplify the healing power of crystals through sonic vibration.

There have been many studies also conducted to see the effect tuning forks and vibrational sound have on healing.

Crystal Tuner, Earth

This Crystal Tuner is described as forming a bridge between Heaven and Earth and its purpose is to provide powerful sound healing in addition to creating this bridge.

Crystal Tuner, Sun

This Crystal Tuner is recommended for times when you want to tap into your enthusiasm, bolster a sense of motivation and strength, increase feelings of vitality and to bring more light into your life.

Crystal Tuner, Moon

This Crystal Tuner is recommended to bring feelings of emotional calm and tranquility, intuition, and a feeling of “going with the flow” when things may not be quite as easy as you’d like them to be.

Crystal Tuner, Jupiter

This Crystal Tuner is recommended to bring good fortune, trust, optimism, luck and abundance. 

Crystal Tuner, Venus

With a frequency tuned to the pulsation of Venus, this Crystal Tuner amplifies the healing power of crystals through sonic vibration. The Venus Crystal Tuner is tuned 3539.68 cycles per second (cps).

Tap Venus for love, to bring out the beauty in all your relationships you hold most dear, when you need to make a spark, to reignite your passions, to enhance your ability to feel love, to enhance your ability to receive and give, increase your ability to feel love and pleasure, to harmonize yourself and love yourself.

Angel Tuners Trio

These are used to open up a pathway to the Angelic Realm and to open the gateway to sensing the higher realms and spiritual insights.

Crystal Tuner, Om

This Crystal Tuner is tune to the sacred Om. It is tuned to the vibration of the Earth’s rotation around the Sun.  It is the keynote in India for the Tambura & Sitar. Using this tuning fork encourages us to become one with our environment and is reported to be a calming and relaxing vibration.

The OM is a long tuning fork measuring just under 11" top to bottom
I also have three types of activators (these are specially made so as not to damage your tuning fork by striking it on a hard surface).
Blue Mallet: 10 available, $6.50
Large green rubber activator: 3 available, $12.00
Small black rubber activator: 12 available, $6.50

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