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This is the same prosperity grid that I set up (and still have) when I started my online shop!  The combined metaphysical properties of these crystals make for an excellent Prosperity crystal grid. 

Jade (1 ea.) - Jade is the Stone of Spiritual Wealth, and it is best known for its ability to attract financial stability and all kinds of prosperity.  It is also well known for being a stone of both health and abundance.
Tiger Eye (2ea.) - is not only is used to obtain prosperity but is also useful for helping one manage their finances wisely.
Citrine (4ea.) - attracts and retains wealth, and is a stone of success. It is particularly helpful in assisting with abundance and prosperity. 
Orange Calcite (2ea.) - Orange Calcite is useful for stimulating the flow of money into your life.  Using Orange Calcite in combination with Citrine is excellent for manifesting prosperity.
Sunstone (4ea.) - is included as a good fortune, luck & prosperity "charm" that attracts unexpected windfalls.
Green Aventurine (6ea.) - is kept in cash boxes and wallets to attract money.  It is known as good luck stone and it increases career success and prosperity.
With this collection you will receive:

  • 19 tumbled stones / crystals identified above
  • 1 Drawstring pouch
  • 1 I-Ching coin
  • Info sheet with metaphysical properties, set up diagram, and other suggested uses for the crystals in this set
  • Laminated layout with two affirmations and Flower of Life pattern

This collection includes enough crystals that you can easily create a crystal grid and carry a few in the included pouch if you like

The tumbled stones range in size from extra small to medium. They are good quality, beautiful crystals and used in any combination will create a lovely crystal grid!

Please keep in mind that these are natural stones and as such will have some variations in color, size, shape and weight.

I hope you will love this set as much as I enjoyed creating it.

** The picture with the green square rose (sacred geometry) pattern is actually of my personal prosperity grid that I keep in the room where I keep many of my crystals.  This tile is available separately.

Thank you for visiting!

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