Crystal Grid Collection for Grounding / Protection / Abundance

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Black Tourmaline - is one of the strongest grounding stones and a good choice for psychic protection.  Is said to transmute negativity into positive energy. 

Green Aventurine - is also a grounding and shielding stone, It is also used in grids to bring prosperity. 

Citrine – is used in crystal grids for many reasons, one of them is for a successful outcome in business or family matters, education, legal issues or lawsuits.  It is also a stone for joy and happiness.  It is particularly helpful in assisting with abundance and prosperity.

Selenite – is a protective stone, said to shield spaces or a person from outside influences. It is sometimes placed in every room in a house to encourage uplifting vibrations and to bring positivity to the home or space it is placed in. It calms and soothes evoking a feeling of tranquility and peace.

Fire Agate - is also considered to be a grounding stone, and one of Fire Agate’s attributes is its ability to function as an excellent stone of protection. It is unique in the way that it not only sends negative energy back to where it came from, but it is said to send negative energy back to its origin.

Unakite – especially good for grounding for people experiencing emotional distress related to home or family, including relationship issues and life transitions.  It helps one to have a more optimistic outlook and to gain emotional strength.

This Crystal Grid includes:

5 Black Tourmaline
2 Citrine
4 Selenite
2 Green Aventurine
2 Unakite
1 Fire Agate

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