Coral Jasper Polished Standing Generator Point FB2601

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🌟🔮 Elevate Your Energy with Coral Jasper Points 🔮🌟

Discover the beauty and potent energies of our Coral Jasper polished points! Perfect for the heart of your crystal grid or as a standout display piece. 

These generator points, polished and shaped with six facets, are not only a visual delight but a powerhouse of positive vibration. 🌈✨

Each point has been lovingly re-tuned using vibrational sound and bathed under the gentle moonlight within a sacred copper pyramid, ensuring they're charged with harmonious, healing energy. 🌜🔊

Choose your vibe:

* Points A: Embrace the light with their softer hues, ideal for bringing gentle warmth and nurturing energies into your space. 🌸

* Points B: Dive deeper with slightly darker tones, perfect for grounding and fostering inner strength.


Just like every gem in our collection, these captivating pieces have been harmoniously re-energized using vibrational sound therapy and have spent a night basking under the moonlight underneath a copper pyramid.

You will also receive a crystal description card and a sheer drawstring pouch.

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