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Confidence Crystal Collection: $12.00 - Confidence Crystal Collection
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This collection includes crystals to help encourage and manifest confidence. 

  • Sunstone – encourages enthusiasm & brings a sense of optimism
  • Citrine – a stone for success that brings joyful feelings
  • Rose Quartz – a crystal for encouraging self-love and boosting self-esteem
  • Hematite – grounding, helps focus, and blocks negative energies
  • Moonstone – is calming and helps to allay doubts and fears

You will receive one of each of the above tumbled stones which are medium to medium/large size, a velvet pouch, a tag identifying the crystals included and an info sheet.  If you would like to add a word stone for an additional 7.00 please contact me and I can provide you with a choice of three words you may choose :)  The pictured word stones are examples of your choices and will come with its own drawstring pouch and crystal description card.

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