Angel Aura Fairy with Large iridescent Wings FB3419

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✨ Let your spirits soar with our 2" Angel Aura Crystal Fairy perched on a Mushroom! 🧚 With its heavenly iridescent rainbow appearance, this mushroom crystal fairy will enhance any magical space.

🌟 This piece features angel aura quartz – a precious gem that has been treated with platinum, silver, and gold. 🌿 Infuse your living area with the healing power of the vibrations of angel aura quartz, a stone that activates the Crown Chakra, stimulating body and spirit.

🌸 Each fairy crystal carving measures wing to wing 2.5" and 1.5" tall. 🌿 Embrace the metaphysical properties of angel aura quartz to bring serenity and spiritual elevation to your home.

🌸 This crystal fairy not only adds a touch of enchantment to your space but also promotes emotional healing and positive energy. 🌟 Let the gentle glow of angel aura quartz uplift your spirit and harmonize your environment.

✨ #CrystalMagic #CrystalDragonfly #AngelAuraQuartz #FairyMagic #HealingCrystals #CrownChakra #SpiritualElevation #PositiveEnergy #EmotionalHealing #EnchantedSpaces #VibrationalHealing #MagicalDecor #CrystalFairy

Enjoy, and many ~Crystal Blessings~

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