Clear Quartz Isis Points from Brazil, Goddess crystal

Isis Points: A
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An Isis crystal has a dominant face which has 5 sides with a tall sharp point at the topmost part. This five-sided face with an elongated side that extends to the apex is symmetrical.

Considered to be a goddess crystal, a crystal with an Isis face helps one to get in touch with their feminine energy, and for men, helps them to be more attuned to the aspects of women that may be elusive. It connects one to the Divine source and goddess energy to assist in manifesting in the physical plane.

These are natural points without machine cut bottoms so if you'd like to use them as the center piece in a grid you can place them in a small bowl with gemstone chips or sand to keep them upright. This post is for the points only, the red jasper bowls and quartz chips are available separately.

These points have been anointed with a manifestation oil, retuned with vibrational sound and were bathed in moonlight for several nights in a copper pyramid. They are between 2" and 2 3/8" tall.

Having one or more of the "special" points with distinct faces is a wonderful way to grow your crystal collection.

Each point will come to you with a crystal description card and a drawstring pouch. Please excuse the photos! I tried to get the Isis face on each one, but it's a bit cloudy today and I couldn't figure out which way to turn them to get the face to show in the pictures! 

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