Citrine Polished Natural Double Terminated Points from Brazil FB1271

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✨🌞 Measuring over 2 inches in length, these non-heat-treated crystals boast an exceptional sheen that captures the essence of natural beauty and positive vibrations.

These special treasures are a brilliant addition to any crystal enthusiast's collection, whether for crafting crystal grids, enhancing personal energy, or inviting the vibrant energies of joy, prosperity, and positivity into your life.

Citrine, often referred to as the "light maker," is the ultimate crystal for anyone seeking to uplift their spirit and surroundings.

☀️💎 Citrine's vibrant energy boosts self-esteem, infuses life with a sense of joy, and encourages a sunny, optimistic outlook. This powerful stone fosters creativity, harmony, and kindness, while imparting the wisdom of inner peace and security.

Perfect for enhancing educational pursuits, business endeavors, familial harmony, and positive interpersonal relationships, Citrine is a beacon of light in all facets of life. 🍃

✨ Each of these pieces has been re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in the gentle light of the moon under a copper pyramid. This enhances their energetic properties, ensuring that they are ready to bring positive vibrations into your space. ✨

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