Amethyst Drusy / Cluster Carved Hearts for tranquility, calm and serenity FB1905

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🔮 Discovering sources of such radiant beauty has allowed me to curate a collection of lovely heart-shaped amethysts, a symbol of affection and spiritual depth 💜

🌙 For those who feel a connection to the heart's shape and possess an admiration for amethyst, these pieces represent more than just aesthetic charm; they embody the essence of transformation and purity.

🛡️ Known as the Stone of Sobriety, amethyst aids in overcoming addictions and steering one's life towards their aspirations, making it a powerful ally in personal development and spiritual awakening 🌟

✨Nestling an amethyst heart near your sleeping space can work wonders, as it harnesses a spectrum of metaphysical properties aimed at enhancing tranquility and restorative sleep 😴

⚡ Its gentle, calming energies provide relief from homesickness, anxiety, and mood fluctuations, acting as a beacon of serenity and stability in turbulent times. Whether adorned in the vibrant hues of purple amethyst or the profound depths of black amethyst, each heart offers a unique sparkle that captivates and soothes the soul 💖

❤️ Elegantly crafted with partially matte polished backs that gleam under any light, these amethyst hearts have been meticulously re-tuned with vibrational sound and lovingly bathed in moonlight atop a copper pyramid, amplifying their celestial connection and potency 🌕

Arriving with a crystal description card, each Amethyst Drusy / Cluster Heart is not just a treasure for your collection but also an enchanting gift that carries profound meaning and healing virtues, making it a perfect token of love and well-being for yourself or a cherished friend 🎁

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