Charoite Cubes from Russia, Sacred Geometry; FB2937

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These very lovely cubes are hand carved and polished so size and inclusions vary as these are natural stones. 

If you are going through some life changes or transitions, or working on a difficult relationship, consider adding Charoite to your crystal medicine bag.  Charoite is found in an area of Siberia, and this crystal is considered to be a Stone of Transformation, Stone of Connection and a support stone.   It helps with bonding of relationships under difficult circumstances.

It is also a healing stone that works to heal on physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.  It is also believed to sooth nerves, help one to overcome obsessive and compulsive tendencies, and to help with insomnia.

It helps one to see the good in situations and to release fears and negativity, and helps one to move forward, especially with regard to relationships as it opens the heart.  It is also used to help us with acceptance, insight, releasing fears, and letting go.

Each one has been re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.  These are offered individually and you will receive a drawstring pouch with your cubes.  Enjoy! 👒

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