Chakra Engraved Soothing Stones, Assorted FB3277

Material: iolite
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Polished assorted soothing stone with engraved symbols that correspond to the  major chakras. These are assorted stones and are sold individually. 

These are wonderful to carry with you in a drawstring pouch, held in the hand for a soothing meditation or to create a crystal grid.

These colors match up to the chakras listed below:

  • Red – Root Chakra – Establishes your connection with your physical body and the environment
  • Orange – Sacral Chakra - Provides our ability to sense and experience pleasure and enjoyment.
  • Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra - Provides the core of our personality, ego, and ​identity.
  • Green – Heart Chakra – Represents our ability to both feel and provide Love and Joy.
  • Blue– Throat Chakra – Represents our ability to give voice to our true self.
  • Black (or Indigo) – Third Eye Chakra – Represents our ability to see and understand the big picture.
  • Purple ( or clear quartz) – Crown Chakra - Represents our ability to connect with the divine and our spiritual selves.

Each one is engraved with the corresponding Chakra symbol and are carved and polished into a free form shape. 

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