Chakra Set, Tumbled Stone Set with Pouch, Info Card, Gift Tag & Card-stock layout

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A wonderful Tumbled Stone Chakra set with a layout for placing your chakra crystals.  This is a  nice "starter" set for those wishing to have a small collection of crystals associated with each of the seven major Chakras.

The seven Chakra crystals included are:

  • For the Crown Chakra (Understanding) - Clear Quartz 
  • For the Third Eye Chakra (Intuition) - Amethyst 
  • For the Throat Chakra (Communication) - Sodalite
  • For the Heart Chakra (Love) - Green Aventurine
  • For the Solar Plexus (Power & Vitality) - Citrine
  • For the Sacral Chakra (Sexuality & Emotions - Carnelian
  • For the Root Chakra (Physical needs) - Hematite

You will also receive:

  • 1 Printed Information card with a short description of the metaphysical properties of each crystal
  • 1 Card that says "I love you and all your Chakras" (in case you want to give this as a gift)
  • a  paper Sacred Geometry Seed of Life pattern to use as a crystal grid base printed on cardstock.
  • 1 Drawstring Pouch

****  Please Note **** 

I have replaced the pictured pouch with a sheer organza pouch to hold your Chakra Crystal Collection.

You will receive crystals from a group that is similar to those pictured.  These are medium size crystals measuring approximately .75 to 1".  You can visit the other tumbled stones pages to see pictures of the beautiful tumbled stones I have recently received to see more samples of what the stone you receive may look like.  Please remember that there are variations in color, size, shape, patterns, due to the fact that these are natural crystals and that each one is unique.

Thank you for visiting!

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