Chakra Balancing Kit with Chakra Rose/White Sage & Palo Santo FB2728

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This Chakra Balancing Kit includes 1 pretty 4" Chakra Rose White Sage Smudge Stick, 2ea Palo Santo Sticks 4", 1ea Selenite Stick 3-4" and 1ea Chakra Lava Bracelet.

This is the perfect starter kit for balancing your chakras. Start by using the 7 color rose petal white sage to clear and energize the energy in your space or surroundings.

You can also use the Palo Santo sticks to bring calmness and positivity. The palo santo can be burned in a fire-safe bowl or container allowing the smoke from the wood to waft into the room's four corners.

You may carry the selenite stick in your pocket, or in a bag with other crystals or display centrally in the room you are smudging.

The 7 chakra color bead lava bracelet is meant to relax and balance your chakras and as a visual and tactile reminder to be aware of balance and your inner chakra harmony.

You may also place your selenite stick in the northeast section of your house during smudging to provide balance to your home.

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