Celestite Clusters from Madagascar - Angelic Realm Crystal FB1306

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💎 These beautiful clusters from Madagascar, with their assorted shapes and ethereal sparkle, serve as perfect focal points for crystal grids or serene companions for meditation spaces.

🕊️ Celestite's gentle vibrations promote profound peace and tranquility, making it a cherished presence on nightstands for dream enhancement and restful sleep, or on desks to foster calmness and harmony in your workspace 🌜✨

This is a crystal that resonates with the soothing energy of the heavens and is truly a favorite of mine.

Its serene aura paves the way for open communication with angelic guardians, offering protection and guidance. Having accompanied me for many years, celestite's presence during angel card readings amplifies its sacred connection, bridging the celestial and the earthly with grace and clarity 🌠👼

This gemstone, a beacon of peace and harmony, is an invaluable tool for connecting with higher realms and inviting tranquility into your sacred rituals and everyday moments 💙

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Each cluster has lovely and sparkly points!🎐

🧶 The color of these pretty pieces are more vibrant than the photos show

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