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This collection celebrates Femininity!  I have included Rose Quartz for it's soothing, nurturing, loving and comforting qualities; and the Moonstone as it  is known for it's ability to bring balance and to encourage introspection & reflection.  Moonstone is a stone of Femininity and stimulates confidence and can help one to bring more joy and happiness in their life.  Its energies bring self-awareness, harmony, love, and divination.  I added the Kyanite as it is considered to be a great facilitator of meditation and will aid you if you are having difficulty settling the mind when meditation or relaxation is desired.  It also brings calm and tranquility and does not accumulate or retain negative energy.  
I am including the following in this set:

2 Rose Quartz Crystals / Tumbled Stones
2 Moonstone Crystals / Tumbled Stones
4 Kyanite Crystals / Tumbled Stones (extra small)
1  "I am" tile measuring 4" x 4" with black raised letters on an off-white, tan or slate tile (whichever I have available at the time)
1 Drawstring pouch to carry your crystals
1 Information Sheet on the crystal in the collection

Please remember that these are natural tumbled stones / crystals and as such there will be slight variations in color, size, shape and weight as each piece is unique.

The Rose Quartz and Moonstone are considered to be medium size polished crystals measuring approximately .75" to 1" - The Kyanite are a bit smaller so as to fit on the tile base. The tile is just about 4x4.

All collections that include hand crafted tiles are considered a custom order and may add 1 to 5 days to your shipping time.  Thank you!

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