Green Aventurine Pocket Carved Fish from Madagascar, for personal power and luck FB2950

Size: Green Aventurine
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These are sweet hand carved and hand polished fish. They have a high polish, stunning color, adorable details and I simply adore them.

These are very versatile since they can be used easily in crystal grids, medicine bags or amulet pouches. They make a lovely gift for someone that you want to cheer up and gift with a wonderful stone with metaphysical properties that match the reason for the gift giving :)

If you need a pick me up with a bit of grounding and a boost of enthusiasm, this is the piece you are looking for. Use this stone when meditating to ground you and to motivate you to tackle your goals with passion and creativity. Carnelian is a valuable addition to your crystal toolkit.

Green Aventurine is a great Heart Chakra stone and is also used in grids for luck and prosperity.

Our carvings are sent to you with a drawstring pouch and a crystal description card. 

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