Calm & Stabilizing Grid for a Chaotic Household Collection

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This is a grid I created at the request of a friend who felt her household was a bit out of control with a lot of frayed nerves and chaos.  I have chosen for this collection:

  • Red Jasper – nurturing, eases stress, Stone of Protection
  • Amethyst – opens intuition, tranquility, serenity
  • Prehnite – brings calm to your surroundings, peace & protection
  • White Howlite – Stone of Calming, releases pain, stress & anger
  • Fluorite – creates order from chaos, provides stabilizing energy
  • Info sheet
  • Velvet Pouch

You can add a sodalite slab or a moss agate slab from the Polished Crystals / Slabs section to add the metaphysical properties of those crystals to this grid if you like.

A Moss Agate slab will add the properties of abundance, healing, and protection, while a Sodalite slab will add communication and objectivity and clarity.  All the crystals have a variety of other metaphysical properties associated with them, but these are the properties that feel relevant to a grid with the intention of calm, communication, and stabilizing a hectic environment.  This is a good grid to place in a more central part of your home.

Smudge sticks are available here if you are looking for a new smudge stick :) 

Slabs & smudge sticks are offered separately in the shop.


Thank you!

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