Cacoxenite Tumbled and Polished Stones from Brazil, Stone of Ascension; FB1533

Cacoxenite: X-Large Tumbled Stone
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Known as a Stone of Ascension, Cacoxenite is believed to raise the spiritual awareness of the human race and to provide a loving and ethereal connection between all of the universe.

It encourages awareness of the significance in random events to guide us on the right path, and in sensing the essence of the Creator in the beauty of nature and the kindness of people

Cacoxenite is said to be a mineral for bringing good to one’s life. It encourages one to see the positive, beneficial and constructive forces in all events and situations, and to use discretion based on wisdom and discernment.

Cacoxenite is also a major mineral in the Super Seven crystal, also known as Melody Stone or Sacred Seven.

  • 29.00 extra large tumbled stones
  • 24.00, large tumbled stones
  • 17.00 medium/large tumbled stones
  • 10.00, medium tumbled stones
  • 7.00, sm/med tumbled stones

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