Astrology / Zodiac, Flower of Life and Celtic Knot Velvet Mats FB1249

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These are large (12 by 12) brushed black velvet mats.  Combining crystal energy with Sacred Geometry, Zodiac or other symbols is a powerful combination and these mats are simply perfect for setting up a good sized crystal grid. 

The Celtic Knot is wonderful for pendulum work, displaying your crystals and placing crystal arrangements if you like.   I especially like to place tumbled stones on specific letters, numbers or symbols on these mats to help visualize and manifest specific intentions.

I really like to place some of my more unique and larger pieces on the Flower of Life Celtic Knot mats and they really add a nice dimension to your crystal grids.

The Zodiac / Astrology Mat is great for crystal grids, with emphasis on dates, numbers, astrology or specific situations.  It makes for a great pendulum work and to be used as a sacred space or altar cloth.

 I simply love these mats :)


PS: Please note the crystals and sphere in the photos are for display purposes only and may be available separately.

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