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ūüíõ This Brass Tortoise with Glass Water Plate brings luck, wealth, and positive energy to any space. Made with high-quality brass and glass, this intricately carved showpiece is said to have healing properties.

It is also associated with the Indian goddess Lakshmi, bringing blessings and prosperity to the home.

MATERIAL: Brass tortoise and glass water plate

BLESSED: Said to bring peace and harmony

SPIRITUAL: Believed to have healing properties Meditation

This two-piece set is a perfect yoga/meditation accessory, and is a great addition to any home, bedroom, office, or any other space where you want to spread divine energy and good luck.

The glass water plate has the capacity to hold water to keep the feet of the tortoise dipped in. It is also a thoughtful gift for loved ones, conveying your care and protecting them against evil.

Bring luck, wealth, and positive energy into your life with our this Brass Tortoise with glass water plate.

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