Blue Aragonite Hand Polished Generator Standing Point (Tower) FB3222

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💙✨ Elevate Your Space with Blue Aragonite Points ✨💙 Only one available

Transform your sanctuary with our Blue Aragonite polished points - the perfect centerpiece for your #CrystalGrid or as captivating standalone displays. Each point, crafted with care, has been polished and faceted into a six-sided generator to channel and amplify energy. 🔹🔮

Embrace the serene vibes of Blue Aragonite, the Stone of Hope. With its gentle blue hues and calming patterns, this crystal radiates soothing energy, promoting relaxation and peace. 💤🌊

Connected to the Heart, Throat, and Third Eye Chakras, Blue Aragonite enhances empathy, aids heartfelt communication, and fosters spiritual connection. Talk from the heart, listen with compassion, and deepen your celestial bonds. 💙🌌

Utilize Blue Aragonite to heal from past wounds, embrace acceptance, and step forward into renewal. Let its comforting energy guide you towards emotional balance and inner peace. 🕊️💧

Just like every gem in our collection, these captivating pieces have been harmoniously re-energized using vibrational sound therapy and have spent a night basking under the moonlight underneath a copper pyramid.

You will also receive a crystal description card and a sheer drawstring pouch.

#HealingJourney #MoveForward #CrystalDragonfly #HeartToHeart #SpiritualCommunication #CalmEnergy #SoothingStone #BlueAragonite #EnergyGenerator

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