Black Tourmaline Rough for grounding and transmuting negative energy FB2270

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These free form shape pieces of natural black tourmaline have great color and a nice weight to them.

Place one or more of these pieces on your desk at work or around your home to help create a more stable atmosphere to protect you from negative energies and emotions, where or when there is a chaotic or stressful environment.

I have many pieces of black tourmaline in my home and two very large pieces on my desk in front of my computer monitors.  

Tourmaline has a cleansing vibration that is said to transmute negative energy into positive light.  Its grounding energies, which also bring a calm and serene feeling, can help to encourage peace in the household.  It is said to remove negative energies from a place or person, and to keep those energies from returning.

You will also receive a crystal description card.

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