Black Tourmaline Pocket Hearts for serenity, grounding, courage & joy

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🌟 Pocket-sized treasures, these Black Tourmaline hearts are the perfect companions for your daily journey or as a pivotal element in your crystal grid. 🌱 Known for its purifying vibrations, Black Tourmaline is believed to transform negative energy into a radiant aura of positivity. 🏡 Its grounding presence is a bastion of tranquility, fostering peace and protecting your space from unwelcome energies.

💖 Imbued with serenity, love, grounding, courage, and joy, these hearts are more than mere stones; they are talismans of well-being. 🛡️ Each heart has been lovingly anointed with black tourmaline oil and placed within a copper pyramid, preparing them to be a nurturing presence in their new homes.

📦 Ready for dispatch, your Black Tourmaline heart will arrive with a crystal description card and nestled in a drawstring pouch, carrying with it the promise of harmony and protection wherever you go.

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