Black Obsidian Natural Free Form Tea Light Candle Holder FB3341

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🌑 If a grand and practical piece of Black Obsidian is what you seek, these candle holders are a match made in metaphysical heaven. 🕯️ Each one is a unique specimen, exuding an aura of grounding and protection, ready to be the cornerstone of your space.

🖤 Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also carry the weight of purpose—each candle holder tips the scales at about 2 lbs and spans roughly 4" across, boasting a substantial presence. 🛡️ They are more than mere objects; they are thick with intention, designed to anchor and shield your environment.

🔮 Let these Black Obsidian candle holders illuminate your surroundings, not just with light, but with an energy that cleanses and safeguards. They are a testament to the stone’s ability to harmonize and manifest, transforming any room into a sanctuary of serenity.

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