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These Black Moonstone soothing stones are hand-carved and polished in Madagascar 🌑✨

Each pebble, with scattered tiny rainbows just beneath the surface, offers a unique and mesmerizing experience, especially when gently turned in the light. Their smoothness and comforting weight make them perfect companions for reflection and relaxation.

Black Moonstone, particularly effective in grounding layouts, brings a sense of stability and 'settled' feelings, making it an ideal choice for chaotic environments or for enhancing focus.

This stone, deeply connected to feminine energies and lunar cycles, is also utilized in healing grids for injured animals, embodying nurturing and restorative vibrations 🌌🐾

Hold one of these smooth pebbles in your hand to soothe the spirit, enhance meditation, or simply unwind after a long day. Their calming presence makes them a must-have for anyone seeking tranquility, grounding, or a deeper connection to the moon’s mysterious powers 🌜💆‍♀️

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