Banish Anxiety and Worries Crystal Grid with Flower of Life layout

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This set of crystals was specially selected to help us combat those feelings of anxiety and worry that sometimes bubble to the surface.  There is an included Sacred Geometry Flower of Life card-stock layout which can be used to set this crystal grid upon, or any other you may like.  The marriage of Sacred Geometry and crystals can make for a much stronger, more energetic grid.  Crystals can be placed in geometric patterns to create grids to direct energy toward a desired goal.  Many people create crystal grids to bring positive energy into their space.  This crystal grid includes the following crystals:

  • 1 Lepidolite - for countering stress, calming the mind, & balancing the emotions
  • 2 Labradorite - for countering anxiety & stress, to reveal patterns that result in undesirable emotional states.
  • 2 Blue Quartz - helps with anxiety and apprehension and brings a blissful feeling.
  • 2 Tiger’s Eye - helps overcome fear, worries, negativity and brings calm and balance.
  • 3 Citrine - brings optimism and lightens dark thoughts.
  • 3 Bloodstone – eases emotional stress and is a stone of renewal
  • 1 Info sheet on the crystals chosen and suggested use.
  • 1 Drawstring Pouch
  • 1 Color Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Layout (about 5" across)

This grid was photographed with a small incense cone holder burning an Anti-Stress incense cone that is available separately in the Shoppe.

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