Awareness Wordstone Totem / Spirit Stone Engraved on Assorted Gemstones

Material: white howlite
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🔮 Discover the enchanting world of etched totems and gold-painted symbols with our “Awareness” stones, each a polished gem of various crystals. 🌟 I have a diverse selection and am delighted to intuitively select the perfect one for you. 🌙 These stones are not only beautiful but also carry the profound energy of awareness, ready to be the cornerstone of your crystal grid or a companion in meditation.

🐾 Each Totem or Spirit Stone is a carved emblem of totem animals or meaningful symbols on tumbled gemstones, merging the symbol’s essence with the crystal’s metaphysical strengths. 🦉 It’s believed that these stones, with their unique free-form shapes, offer guidance, protection, and wisdom. 🌱 They’re perfect for carrying with you, adding to your healing toolkit, or gifting to someone special.

✨ These Totem/Spirit stones are energetically cleansed with vibrational sound and moonlit under a copper pyramid, enhancing their natural vibrations. 🌕 They arrive in a drawstring pouch accompanied by a crystal description card, making them an ideal gift. 🎁

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