Assorted Carved Pyramids, prosperity, protection, transition and renewal FB1915

Gemstone Pyramids: Black Obsidian
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These are small pyramids, perfect for a crystal grid or other crystal layout, with fabulous color and glossy finish.

Visit our metaphysical index here -   to see each stones different metaphysical properties on my main website (there is a lot of crystal info there under the "Learn" tab :) 

Pyramids have been used for centuries as tools for spiritual growth and healing. When used in a crystal grid, they can help to focus and direct the energy of the other stones, creating a powerful and harmonious energy field. Plus, their unique shape is believed to create a vortex of energy that can help to clear and balance the chakras.

    💙 Place it in the center of your grid to help amplify the energy of the other stones.
    💙 Use it to anchor the energy of your grid, creating a stable foundation for your       intentions.
    💙Pair it with other stones that resonate with abundance and prosperity, such as Citrine or Green Aventurine.

The apex (point) of the pyramid sends its energy straight upwards and I find it my “go to” center piece for a crystal grid when I create manifestation grids for something I want to create in the physical world.  The pyramid is a powerful, ancient shape and many believe that its shape creates enhanced energy fields.  This shape is also credited with facilitating a deeper focus and enhanced healing during meditation.

Each one has been re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.  Your pyramid will also come with a crystal description card and a drawstring pouch.

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